How to choose a placemat that makes you happy


Cotton Placemat:

It has strong water absorption and is easy to clean. You can drip water on the mat and watch the water absorption speed.


Insect-proof moth-proof, durable; you can pull the cushion towel by hand to see how far it is torn, the bigger the better.

Bamboo Placemat:

It has the best heat insulation, which can effectively prevent hot items from damaging the dining table; you can use a cup of hot water to test the heat insulation effect on site.

paper cloth placemats:

It is made of the latest environmentally friendly materials and has good heat insulation, but it is not washable.

plastic placemats:

Environmentally friendly PP placemats, EVA placemats are currently more popular, light weight, environmentally friendly, fashionable, suitable for printing various patterns on the surface. PVC placemats, silicone placemats, good texture, can be tried repeatedly, bright colors, the surface can do a variety of patterns.

How to choose the color of the product?

White or colorless effect:

Give people a natural and calm feeling. Plaid: Casual atmosphere with a family atmosphere. Dark blue: calm and noble feeling, dirt will not be obvious.

Placemats with knowledge

1. According to the color of the table.

If the entire table is mostly white, then just use the same white napkin. It is best to see fresh and natural flowers on a napkin. When choosing flowers, pay attention to the collocation of patterns. If it is a slender pattern, there is a noble temperament, and European style can complement each other.

2. According to the style and characteristics of the home.

Although the traditional pattern is rich in color and lively in atmosphere, it conflicts with the style of European furniture and makes the dining table very messy.

3, according to the owner's decoration atmosphere and preferences.

For example, coasters, if natural materials are used instead of plastic materials, will bring a natural atmosphere to the life of family meals. Grass rattan placemats bring tropical flair. The texture of hemp is the best, giving a simple and elegant feeling.

Placemats with other items

1. The matching of the placemat and the dining table. The presence of the placemat gives the tabletop a flat composition of a square drawing. When choosing a placemat, you should consider the size and proportions of the table, and follow the principle of non-overlapping.

2. The matching size of placemats and tableware is based on the proportion of tabletop and tableware. After placing the food container, the principle is that the food container will not run out of placemats. Rectangular placemats are placed on round plates. Round placemats work best with round plates. Round plates with square placemats, to see if the proportion is too different. It is better to have appropriate reservations. It's white.