Teslin production process


1. Environmental protection native PVC coloring

2, has been colored PVC bag belly high strength polyester yarn

3, winding the cylinder to adjust the warp

4. Weaving on the loom

5, repair cloth heat setting treatment to complete the production of mesh cloth

6. According to the size, the processing workshop will plant, cut, process and sew, and finally complete various finished products, such as beach chairs, shading curtains, protective fences for gardening, construction and agriculture, decoration, table mats, plate mats, coasters, tablecloths, carpets, tarpaulins, etc.

With bright colors do not fade, high tensile strength, water and oil resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, non-toxic, smooth and cool surface, excellent air permeability, long service life and other advantages, the perfect combination of the two materials make Teslin products outstanding, so it should be widely used in outdoor tables and chairs, beach chairs, sunshade curtains and so on! Its products are sold abroad, and the beach chair is a successful example!