Analysis of the Advantages of Teslin Fabrics


1. waterproof breathable

Teslin fabric is a high-tech fabric made of polyester fiber. Due to its special structure of micropores, it has excellent waterproof and breathable properties. Even in a humid environment, Teslin fabric can maintain the balance of internal and external gas, so that the body can keep dry and comfortable. This is why Teslin fabrics are widely used in outdoor sports equipment, protective clothing and other industries.

2. wear resistance

Teslin fabric using polyester fiber after high temperature treatment, staggered between the fibers to form a three-dimensional structure of mutual support, the surface is covered with fine protrusions. This structure can not only increase the strength and wear resistance of the fabric, but also improve the wrinkle resistance of the fabric.

3. environmental health

Teslin fabric is made of polyester fiber, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and health. Compared with traditional fabrics, Teslin fabrics do not release harmful substances and are safe and harmless to the human body. In addition, due to the microporous structure of the Teslin fabric itself, the fabric has no peculiar smell, which helps to improve the quality of life.

In general, Teslin fabric has multiple advantages such as waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant, environmental protection and health, and is widely used in outdoor sports equipment, protective clothing, medical supplies and other fields. In the future, with the continuous improvement of production technology and the growth of market demand, the application field of Teslin fabric will be more and more extensive.